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15 Apr 2024
16Apr 2024

If you are not familiar with London, you should be aware that "Black Cabs" - the traditional London Taxis - are regulated and will take you straight to Central House Hotel from any point within London and Heathrow Airport.  

All you have to say is "Victoria Inn, 65 - 67 Belgrave Road. Victoria  please" and they will take you there.

Black Cabs are licensed by the Metropolitan Police. Their drivers are professionals, and have to pass rigorous exams before they are allowed to operate. 

You pay what the taxi-meter shows. They know almost every street in London, every Hotel, Embassy, Rail Station Theatre and Airport, as well as many restaurants, night-spots and entertainment venues. 

A Tip is not mandatory, but a rule of thumb is 10% of the fare. 

"Minicabs" are individuals who own a car, and are not regulated - some are good and reasonably priced, but a minority will take advantage of your unfamiliarity by overcharging and will not know the route. Always state your destination clearly and agree a price before you get into a minicab. Make it clear that the price agreed is what you will pay, and not a penny more.

If Safety is your concern, always use a Black Cab.